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Let's take our time

I invite you to join me for a one-of-a-kind experience. I'm anticipating teasing and pleasuring every inch of your body and soul. My goal is to connect in an unforgettable intimate moment. Let's get to know each other, set some time for us to sparkle in the city.

"In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice." - Marquis de Sade

Scroll down to find my GFE Rates and Intimate experience packages!

I offer full GFE service. These rates are for Montreal Incall.

Transportation fee will be added to Outcalls (20-60$ depending of distance).

For kinks and special activities, please visit the PSE - BDSM - Kinks Section. Kink prices vary on the intensity and preparation needed.

30mins : 200 Roses (not always available)

1H : 300 Roses

1.5H: 450 Roses

2H: 600 Roses

3H: 800 Roses

4H: 1000 Roses

6H: 1400 Roses

Overnight (12h): 2500 Roses

Full Day and Night (24h): 4000 Roses

Longer? Contact me for details!

Scroll Lower to find Intimate Experience packages, If you are looking for more date ideas, visit the Social Time section, where I add a full list of activities I'm excited to share this month!

Social Time involves us meeting in a public setting, like a museum, restaurant or a park. For more Social time inspirations, visit the Social Time Section. For Social Time spent in a private setting, the regular GFE rates apply.

I work with an agency in Quebec City Only (because it is owned by a friend i love and trust)

Fly me to you :

I am passport ready and excited to travel with you! Let's runaway and live our novella romance. Please contact me for details and rates. For me details, visit my Touring and Fly me to you page!


Intimate experiences

It's just Lunch (2H) - 400 Roses

You came for a quickie? At least have a bite before going back to work. Just make sure you tell the boss you'll be a few minutes late, this is one business appointment you want to enjoy every minute of... (1h -1h)

The Double Dip (2h) - 400 Roses

My new incall space has a pool!
Let's have a little sunbathing and dip in some refreshing waters! We go back to my place and you get to dip in something warmer...

Dinner Date (4h) - 800 Roses

Let's indulge and feast on a meal, on our eyes, let's take our time to savor and devour... 2h Dinner - 2h Dessert

Lets go to the movies, let's go see the stars... (Movie Duration+ 90 mins) - 600 Roses

Let's geek out on the next Star Wars, the new Marvel. Let's sing to a musical or go on an adventure! Don't make it too scary, or my hands will get sweaty!

Museum Date

Quick walk in the Art - 3h
(90 social+90 private) : 580 Roses
Let's slower the pace - 4h
(2.5 social + 90 private) : 700 roses

Action + Adventure (4h) - 800 Roses

Let's have some action on the course and adventure in private. (2h - 2h) Ideas :
*Axe throwing (typical Canadian)
*Arcades (air hockey if you don't mind losing!)

Netflix and Chill (4h) - 750 Roses

Are you ready to binge a few episodes? Let's have a few quickies between every scene!
Social Only 3h: 320 roses
Social and play 4h(2 services): 750 roses

Spa Date (4h) - 750 Roses

Let's take our time and relax, escape this stressful city for a moment and enjoy the warmth and heat (2h-2h)

Grand Theater (Play duration+ 2H) - 750 Roses

Memorable Performances! Let's share an emotional Opera, a graceful Ballet or a captivating Play. Our eyes and hands will be filled with wonder ...

Winter Wonderland (4h) - 700 Roses

Let's walk around the town! Go ice skating and share a decadent hot chocolate!
Once we are frozen enough in Montreals icy breeze, let's get back to yours or mine for some very hot cuddles!
1h Ice Skating - 90 Mins Social -
90 Mins Private

Date the tour guide (6h) - 1100 Roses

Let me take you around my favorite cities! Get ready for some art, music, architecture, foodie treats and some city secret alleys. We can go back to yours or mine to savor new discovered territories...(3-4h social and 2-3h Private)

La Ronde (7h) - 1200 Roses

Let's spend a day of high intensity at La Ronde! Are you brave enough to got through all the rides? Let's take it back to your or mine to take it to make a grande finale to this adrenaline roller coaster!
7h (5h social - 2h private)

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