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  • April Rose

April Killian formely known as April Rose

April Killian Name Change Explanation April Rose is a name i've had for a long time and over the last years, i've felt dissociated to the name for plenty of reasons. I've finaly made up my mind and settled with April Killian. Killian for me represents plenty of things. It is the brand of my favourite perfume, it is the name of a character i'm fond of in tv series. It also finishes in -ian which was important to me as most Armenian heritage family names finish with those 3 letters.

Killian also means little church, which i find erotic and meaningful. I've always seen my body as a tiny temple and that orgasms connect us to something spiritual and bigger. The name Killian for me connects me to a divine feminine. There's also something about churches that just appeals erotic to me, i guess the gathering and getting on our knees just feels right to attribute to a SW, hahaha! The name Killian sounds architectural and safe to me.

I know it may sound harsher in mouth, because of the association with the word "kill", but it feels softer and more authentic to me than rose. I do not consider Rose a dead name to me. I'm also comfortable if you choose to still call me by that name. I understand that there are years of bounding.


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