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  • April Rose

Armenian Manti Recipe

Updated: Jan 16

Ingredients : Meat Mix : Ground meat (lamb or beef ) OR Veggie Meat (225g or more) 1 onion Half a pack of fresh parsley Smoked Paprika Armenian Pepper Sumac Butter Garlic Chicken Broth Green Onions Pastry: I Personally either use phylo that i fold up or Frozen Won-ton Squares. Leave either on the counter for about an hour (out of the packaging) before getting to the folding part. Details : Start by chopping the onion and garlic and cooking them to medium high heat until brown in butter. Add the meat, salt pepper. Add a bit of chicken broth to keep everything humid wet but not soupish. Let's go for juicy. Closer to the end, when the meat is ready, add the finely chopped parsley, armenian pepper (to taste), sumac (also to taste) and paprika. You can also make it a bit spicy with some red pepper flakes. Once the meat mix is done, set a side in a bowl so that they are warm but temper down, I'd say about 15 minutes so it doesn't burn your fingers while you get to the folding part. Folding: In phylo : cut into 3 inch wide striped and fold them on themselves 3-4 times to make a square that has a few layers. In the middle of the square, put the equivalent of a spoon of mix, add butter to both sides to fold them on to themselves and hold them like 2 ducks to they stick together. We call them small boats. Then place them in a tray as on my picture and repeat the process until either the mix or the phylo run out ( or mentally divide them to perfectly fit both at the same time). Once they are all tight in the tray, use a brush to put melted butter on top, enough so they are all a bit wet but not drenched or soupish. Put in the oven until golden and voila! In Wonton Squares : My i'm feeling lazy version! Each square is already perfectly cut and has a right thickness to hold the mix. So you just need to take 1 at a time, put some mix in the middle ( 1 spoon) and put water on both sides and fold them in half. Again the 2 ducks to keep them stuck together. We call them small boats Then you place them in a tray as shown in the picture and repeat the process until either the mix or the squares run out ( one box is approx 70 squares). Once they are all in the tray, use a brush and put melted butter on top, enough so they are all wet but not drenched or soupish. Put in the over until golden and voila! Serving : I usually serve them with a side of nature/plain yogourt, a very thick and fat one. You can also make a version of yogourt mixed with garlic to dip them in. I also serve them with green onions. The way to take a bit is : dip in yogourt, dip in green onions and then mouth hahahahaha! Some people serve it with the yogourt and onions on top in the plate already assembled, and add a chili, butter oil sauce on top. I'm not good at given written instructions for recipes so if details are missing let me know so i can update this post as it goes! hahahahah! Enjoy! I intend to post more recipes! i hope you don't mind! If you try them let me know!! xx April


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