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  • April Rose

Board Game & Card Game Nights

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

I've been getting a lot of requests lately, to my greatest joy, to organize some Social Board Game Nights & Card Playing nights! I think it would be sooo awesome! A lot of you maybe don't have the circle of friends that are available to play, busy schedules, don't have a board game collection or maybe just crave a social night. Here is my Super Fun solution! My idea is to hold them once a month, at my incall. I think the best amount of people to play games is between 4 and 5 including myself, but we can organize a few nights where we are more as i have a lot of party games!

How it works : This would be really fun to hold around the last Thursday, Friday or Sunday of each month, I'll set the dates (and themes) each month. It will be a 1rst arrive 1rst served. I'll try to vary the people at the table each month to make it different and so we can all meet new people. I'll bring each month new games, games that I've tried and that i find would be super fun to play altogether (so we are not disappointed, there are some bad games.) You are welcome to recommend a game!

These are social dates only, there will be no sex.

To Book: To validate your place, please send me a deposit

(Regulars are exempt from this rule as trust has already been established). Booking a spot in a social date night like this can count as a screening method to see me later on for other wild adventures.

What to Expect : 4-5h Social Date Night with Me as your host. Pizza is included! BYOB I will be providing the games & Cards, you don't need to bring anything (unless we agreed so)

What i expect from you : A great attitude and playfulness! As much as we love competition, let's keep it fun! Keeping the drinking to a social fun level. List of some games i own: Talisman (with all expansions) Betrayal on house of the hill (all expansions) Talisman Batman Dracula Everdell (all expansions)

Paranormal Detectives Obscurio Mysterium Wingspan (all expansions) Terraforming Mars (all expansions)

Lords of the Waterdeep (all expansions)

7 Wonders (all expansions) + Architects

House of Danger

Hako Onna King of Tokyo (all expansions)

Sheriff of Nottingham (all expansions)

Cash & Guns

Potion Explosion (all expansions) Plenty of Munchkin Abyss Ashes Twister Beaux Gestes Risk Monopoly Horrified

Marvel champions DC Deck building game (all expansions) Arkham Horror

Star Wars Outer Rim Harry Potter Deck Building Game (all expansions) Villainous (all expansions) Doom Smash Up Anomia Throw Throw Burrito

4 Souls (all expansions) Machi Koro

Castle Ravenloft Doom Cards Against Humanity Trivia Games Scattergories Unfanthomable Coup And more... So many more... List of some games i'd love to discover: Scythe Ticket to Ride Carcasonne Legendary Pandemic Gloomhaven Catan Splendor Dominion Mansion Of Madness Escape Room type games Call of Cthulhu DnD Stranger Things I love roleplaying games, D&Ds, but don't own any. If you want to host an adventure with us let me know!


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