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  • April Rose

Presenting Olivia - April's Assistant

Starting November 5th,

Olivia will be taking my emails, texts and booking requests. She is lovely, caring and such an amazing team player to be with.

This is a big step for me. I'm a perfectionist and very independent. I love having my hands on all facets of everything I do and touch! With my growing business on the side and other projects, I noticed that i just can't get to my emails & messages and give my answers the time that i used to. I love spending time with you sooo much. I really think that Olivia helping me with messaging is really going to give me the peace of mind and resolve some of my daily stress.

It will allow me to focus more on my time with you, on content creation, on tours and just having a great time. I will still be interacting in the messages when needed, but she will be handling the most! No more late replies, no more late texts!

If you need me and me only to see some interactions, just let her know and she will tell me to respond to you. I know it can get you a little shy to share your dirty secrets or plans for us with a stranger! Don't worry, I'll still be part of the messaging process, i just can't handle all of it anymore.

I want to do better, more, and she is the perfect team player to bring me the balance i need to thrive! I'm super excited about this! Give her lots of love! About Olivia : Olivia is a Provider Assistant, she is dedicated and the most efficient person I've ever met. She has experience in handling bookings and emails of providers. She has years of experience around the SW community. She is a safe space, I and many other providers trust her with our whole hearts. Thank you so much for all the love you give me, I can't wait to spend time with you! xx April & Olivia


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