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Vacation to Cancun with G.

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

When Mister G. first asked me to travel with him I got so excited! I had never been to Cancun before, neither had that "all inclusive" lifestyle moment. Mister G. loves adventure and seems very playful, I knew we would have an amazing time!

We worked out all the details before leaving, to ensure we didn't have to think about anything business during the trip. The same morning, I met him at the airport super early, we both we extremely tired and excited. We had a lot of conversations about plenty of unrelated subjects on the plane, then we both fell asleep to ensure we wouldn't be to tired once we arrived.

Once we arrived at the hotel, I was amazed and shocked at how luxurious and detail oriented the hotel was. They were very service focused and the whole place was covered with tasteful Art.

The hotel room was magical, with a huge bathroom that the walls opened to make a huge loft environment. it has a huge bathtub that i couldn't wait to dip in. That was before we went to the roof top private lounge. Our private balcony space had an amazing view on the ocean, we could see Isla Mujeres, It had a private Jacuzzi and outdoors shower, with beautiful lounging chairs. The place was made to relax. Unfortunately, both Mister G. and I weren't the relaxing type. We still took the time to sit and enjoy ourselves there a few hours.

The First day, we decided to take it smooth and explore the area. We woke up early, went for a walk along the beach, played in the ocean and came back to relax in the cute outside beds. I hadn't creamed up yet, since it was so early, I hadn't realized how strong the sun was neither how non exposed to this much sun my skin was. In the matter of a few minutes, i had burnt up really bad. As only the front side of my poor body had burnt we couldn't help but laugh about how embarrassingly ridiculous the situation was. I looked like a burnt slice of toast. I creamed myself back up, and we continued to explore. i already felt how painful the burn was going to be.

The next day, Mister G. invited me to go see the the Mayan Temples in Chichen Itza. We got up early and traveled 2 hours by car on this long long long road. But it was so worth the wait! On place, we hired a private guide to walk us around (if you ever go there, I do recommend you hire one yourself, there are no indications about anything anywhere. They are the keys to any knowledge to be shared). It was a really amazing moment, we learned so many insightful things, I won't spoil the details for you, but I do welcome you to ask me about them in person. The pyramids are spectacular to see in person, and the technical engineering needed to create these masterpieces is mind blowing. Even with today's technology, we aren't able to fully understand how they were made. I do recommend bringing an umbrella or any form of transportable shade. Most of the parts where the most essential information is shared, is done in the middle of plains, and it becomes very very hot. I almost had a sunstroke. On the way back from Chichen Itza, we stopped at one of the most famous Cenotes, Ikil, where you can actually dive! Keep in mind that these holes used to be the communication between the living and the underworld, there have been multiple sacrifices in the past centuries and other "things' thrown down there. I couldn't pass the opportunity. I just had to jump! I used to be a pretty good diver, seems either the lack of a bouncing board, or maybe just non practicing has made my perfect occasion to impress, a total fail! Said Video has been seen over 4.6k times in only one month haha!

On the way back we did another stop to Valladolid to have a nice supper. We stopped at Restaurante El Atrio Del Mayab, which i highly recommend to anyone traveling through that cute city. We got lucky to witness some children putting on a show of cultural dances in the streets, got to visit a local heritage church and walk around a bit before taking the road back to our Hotel.

The 3rd day, we took a chill day, Mister G. had to answer some emails, so i took some time to create some awesome content for my snappers and website. Edited a few shots, answered emails, shot some porn in the Jacuzzi, your normal day off right? Mister G. being such a playful character decided to join in the fun and help me film some erotic content! We shot a few short movies, and some teasers to add to my manyvids. It was sooo hot to film these on the balcony, where anyone could have caught us, we've also shot some in the more public areas... The idea of being caught or watched turns me on immensely.

On our 4th day, we visited Isla Mujeres, Womens Island, that has an important cultural importance. It has only became more touristy recently, so all the constructions are fairly new. The island is pretty small, way smaller than we initially thought. We went snorkeling, drove a golf cart around the island, witnessed a cute wedding on the beach and shared a meal at Lola Valentina. Please do stop there. The place and staff are delightful, the food is mind blowing, the cocktails are out of this world. Everything about that place is perfection. We came back pretty late, by Ferry, which is the only way to get to and back from there.

The last morning was very emotional, time flew by so fast! We had so much fun and didn't want it to stop there! We had seen, on our first day, this place, not too far by walk, that had some Seadoos. We got up early, and rushed there like children, grabbed one each and dashed around the shore, racing one side to another and splish splashing.

We came back running to the hotel, grabbed our cab and got to the airport as fast as we could.

It was truly a wonderful trip, both of us did not come back relaxed, but we are filled with beautiful memories!

Thanks again Mister G.

Cheers to our next travels!


April Rose


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