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Spring Social

April Killian is excited to invite you to her Spring Social!

Date: Thursday March 23rd
Location: Montreal
Venue might be wheelchair accessible, please contact us for details.
Downtown Montreal
Time: 7pm to 11pm (can extend to 1am)
Arrivals will be accepted between 7pm and 9pm max.
Dress Attire : Formal / Casual, not too casual. We appreciate an effort

Unfolding :
4H+ Social Time
Games, Surprises

Theme :
Spring Fling
Let's pretend this is a dating event, or a small business get together, and that flirting "accountant" has been on your mind forever! It's your chance to go talk to them! I don't know! Let's just keep it fun and light!

Entrance Fee : 150$
Deposit of 100$ Required to reserve your spot. Balance paid the evening of the event.

30 Client Spots Available NOW
(more places will be available. get on our waitlist!)

Confirmed Guests + Websites:
(More guests will be added as the event fills up)

April Killian
Annabelle Riley
Julia Fontaine
Leda Haze

Sweet Marina
Lea Lamarquise
June L'amour
Axel Hump
Rae Vines
Melissa Labelle
Ava Tarvosky
Clara Chambertin
Delilah Sansregret
Estelle Laflamme
Aïcha Black
Zeta Lane
Jennifer Love
Eli Charlton
Sasha Roan
Melina May
Honey Laframboise
Eva Sanchez
Malenia Eris
Dominique Moore
Krissy Pheonix
Tania Mae

Alisha Cantaloupe
Heaven Skye
Llexi Nova

Maya Rose de Luna

Provider Photographers Present

(not taking pictures during the event):
Marisa Parisella

Selfie Booth : Le Saint-Motel
Only designated area permitted to take pictures during the event.

Booking and Screening : Olivia Assitante


Vendors :
Mily from EROS
(use code MILY15 online to get 15% off)

Rules :
Please respect everyone's boundaries. Ask before doing anything.
No talking about SW outside around the venue, or on the balconies.
Please be discreet until you are inside.

All Clients will be screened for everyone comfort and safety. You will need to provide a reference or a pic of ID to attend.

Providers Info :
*All Confirmed Providers will receive and envelope to compensate their time.
*This is a great opportunity for PR, bring business cards! We will also have a table with everyones cards/ promo on there!

*The venue is held in a SW friendly environment.
*Please confirm your presence with April and Olivia to make sure you are on the list. We will not be accepting last minute providers at the door to be fair with confirmed guests.
*There will be security on site.
*On confirmation, we will add you to our Confirmed Guest list on this page with a link to your website.


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