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I want to be loved by you... just you ( and the others in the party)

You are invited to an evening of love, tenderness and beauty, surrounded by Montreal's Gorgeous Cupids.
This valentines, treat yourself to the spoils of magical touch and infinite desire.
Get out of the cold shivers of the winter and warm up to new encounters, experiences and possibilities.
All you need to bring is an open heart...

Date : February 25th 2023
Time : 7pm to 11 pm
Location : Montreal, Location Shared 24H before event

Provider List :
April Killian
Sweet Marina
Aïcha Black
Chloe Blue
Violet Eden
Chloe Bardot
June L'amour
Chloe St-Laurent

Event Mommy : Tania Mae & Leda Haze
Barmaid : Maeve Rose
Booking and Screening : Olivia

Participation Fee :
Clients : 1500$ (500$ Deposit to reserve)
Couples : 2000$ (500$ Deposit to reserve)
Female Identifying Clients : 1000$ (500$ Deposit to reserve)
Only 10 Spots available! Book Fast!

This events theme is : Pink & Red
We invite all participants and providers to wear something you'd wear for a date on valentines day.
Efforts to participate in the theme are appreciated!

Unfolding :
1H Social
2h Play Time
1H Social

Valentines Edition Special Activities :
Chocolate Fountain that can evolve into something naughty...

Etiquette and Details :
Please respect everyone's boundaries. Ask before doing anything.
No talking about SW outside around the venue, or on the balconies.
Please be discreet until you are inside.

All Clients will be screened for everyone comfort and safety.
You will need to provide a reference or a pic of ID to attend.

Meet The Cupids

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