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Gifts are never expected, but are always appreciated!

Here is a little list of my preferences, and a few wishes i'm asking the magic genie to make appear for me! I'll rub the lamp really hard!

I'm always open to surprises! Pleasse do invite me into your universe of tastes and pleasure, I love being a part of what drives you insane!

Size Guide

Feet : 5

Tops : small

Bottoms : Medium, 3-5 pants

Bras : 32B-C

Panties: Medium

You can message me for inspirations!

Foodie : Prosecco, White wine, milk chocolate, chips, cheese and fruits, Asian cuisine.

Arts and Culture : Museum tickets, Arts, Erotic Art, Feminine imagery, Art Deco books, Architecture, Travel, antiques, trinkets...

Relaxation and Beauty : Spa treats,

My perfumes are Straight to Heaven from Kilian; Oud Save the Queen and Her Majesty the Oud from Atkinsons. I vary between those 3.

I appreciate fresh flowers, especially potted ones. I love plants!

Photoshoots with Marisa Parisella or Luxuria Studio.

My favorite Lingerie brands are : Studio Pia, Bordelle, Patrice by Catanzaro, Impudique, Agent Provocateur, La Perla.

April Rose - Sergio P
Luxuria Studio + April Rose 2019

Photoshoot With Marisa Parisella

Photoshoot with Luxuria

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